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It is my deep belief that pricing should be totally transparent
You should know going into a portrait session what it will cost
And I believe that once you pay that amount
You shouldn't then have to pay more to get your images

I am often asked why my prices are so low. 
There is no catch. I know what it's like to have to budget. I grew up poor. It's not easy to pay the bills, let alone, consider a luxury like portrait photography.

When I started my business, I vowed that I would keep my prices affordable for the average person. I understand that not everyone has $400.00 to spend on 10 images. And everyone deserves to have quality professional photos to treasure and to pass down through the generations.

hat's my personal belief and my prices reflect that. It's that simple.


For a portrait session, my base price is $150.00
Then an additional $25.00 for each added person to the portrait
For Example, a family of 3 would be $200.00

Why do I charge this way? Because for every extra person in the photo, there is more posing, more breakdowns and it takes a bit more time in the editing process! 

Regular Portrait Session

Portrait Sessions average between one hour and an hour and a half
One location. We will find different scenery in that location
You can do two outfit changes in that time

With a group shoot, I will take pictures of everyone together as well as singles.
For example, for a family portrait session, I will take family photos, kids together, kids solo as well as parent photos 

You can expect 25 or more photos from our portrait session


Professional Headshots are $100.00
Headshot sessions are 20 to 30 minutes long
One location. One outfit.
You can expect 10 or more photos 



Occasionally I will host pop-up mini sessions
These are shorter, themed shoots for a discounted price

Keep an eye out for these events:
Christmas Minis
Halloween Minis
Valentine Minis
Baby Bathtub Minis
The Magical Forest Event: Fairies & Lumberjacks

Follow me on Instagram @ambertorresportraits
To keep an eye out for these pop-up mini photoshoots

After The Photoshoot

The price always includes your photos.

After our photoshoot I will begin to edit the photos
I will edit all the portraits I consider "keepers"

I send your portraits digitally so you can print and share where you'd like. 
You do not need to purchase prints through me.
I use Dropbox, which is an online photo sharing site.

For 10 dollars, I can also put your images on a USB and mail it to you!

You should receive your portraits within three weeks after our session

Ready to schedule our photoshoot? Have questions?! Have an idea?!
Let's chat!!

I can't wait to work with you!

Branding Sessions

Branding Sessions are $200.00
The session is 60 minutes long.
They include Headshots and portraits of your business facility and products.
You can expect 25 or more photos.

Branding Sessions are a great way to give your business a facelift! 

Senior Portraits

Senior Portrait Sessions are $200.00
The session is 90 minutes long.
You can expect 25 or more photos.

The senior can do three outfits if they would like and are welcome to bring
any item they would like to incorporate into their session.
Senior Sessions are more than just for the yearbook, they are meant to capture who they are in this big moment.

If they plan an instrument, a sport, are an avid reader, an artist, or love their car or bike.... bring those things along and we can include them in some photos. It's a true time capsule moment.

The pricing for Boudoir Sessions are by far the most complicated.
The session itself is priced just like a regular session, which is $150.00 for one person, and an additional $25 for each added person.

Boudoir sessions are 90 minutes long.
You can do two outfits or one outfit and some tasteful nudes.

You are also responsible for covering the cost of the space.

Example, you can book a pretty hotel room, one with a city view is fantastic, or you can book a two hour spot at a studio that provides a boudoir set-up. Prices can vary, so I don't want to give you a set price.

In my experience, it has always been around $300.00 total, for my fee and to book a space. I know a few studios/home spaces that are great for this and I am happy to help guide you in finding just the right spot for your boudoir session! Or book a hotel room and then when I leave, have a nice mini-getaway at that hotel! Have any ideas?! Let's make a plan!! I have done lots of Boudoir and we can find the right fit!


Contact Me

Newborn Photography

Newborn Sessions are $200.00
The session could be anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes to even 2 hours long. It all depends on how baby is feeling that day. 
You can expect 20 to 25 photos.
Newborn sessions are done either outdoors with natural lighting or they are done in my home in Hillsboro.
Newborn photography requires a lot of equipment and specialized props for baby's safety.
Baby can have two different outfits or one outfit and some without clothing/diaper cover on.
If you are looking for photos of baby, where baby is asleep and has their hands on their cheeks and those popular newborn poses that we all love, it is best to have your baby's photos taken within the first two weeks. 

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