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Boudoir Photography

Your boudoir photoshoot will be shaped to fit your needs. 
Your session can be modest, flirty or sexy. Whatever your comfort level is, that's where we will be. 
You are welcome to wear your favorite lingerie and you are also welcome to be nude.
Boudoir is meant to make you feel empowered and beautiful,
so, whatever your vision is, we will make that happen.

I will create a safe, private space where you will feel comfortable and confident.

I have a variety of beautiful robes in inclusive sizes.

Boudoir Sessions are an hour long. You may choose to book additional time. 

Pricing of Boudoir Sessions can vary, depending on location
and the price of that particular studio space.

You will pay the cost of the rental space (which is usually an hourly rate)
and an hour of my services is 150.00 for an hour.
You may add additional time to your session for a small fee. 

As a guestimate, a Boudoir Session will cost around $300 - $350.00

For locations, I recommend:

The Gem on Hawthorne
Cobalt Studios.

Both studios have lovely, private spaces for our boudoir session.
You may also consider renting a hotel room. 
A place with a view of downtown Portland is lovely!

Let's chat about how you envision your session and I can guide you in the right direction to help create your custom Boudoir experience.

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