Body Positive.  Inclusive.  Fun.

What I love about photography

i love that i am able
to capture time for you

time goes by so quickly
children grow so fast

we grow and change
so fast

photographs are moments
frozen in time
who we were, who we love

they are treasured and
passed down through generations

joyful moments
full of love and happiness

what a special thing 
i get to do.

that's why portraits 
are so important

Specializing In

portrait photography

senior portraits
portfolio building

whimsy themed


Location, Location, Location

Amber Torres is based out of Hillsboro, Oregon
and also serves the surrounding metro areas

including Portland, Beaverton, Cornelius & Forest Grove



Ask me
about props!

a wide range of props
for all age groups 

a selection of blankets, hats, bows, tutus
baskets, ladders,
multiple seating options,
suitcases & holiday items, etc.

and this adorable bathtub set up for babies who are able to sit up on their own



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Thank you

for the kind words

Amber makes you feel so comfortable

almost from the first click of her camera.

She is professional, fun, cheerful and she directs you on how to pose your body in such simple ways that you don't feel silly or uncomfortable.


 When I received my photos,

I love that she captured my sass and made me look so good.


I will forever remember the experience and I am looking forward to hiring her to take photos of my Husband and I, since we haven't had professional photos since we got married 12 years ago.  Spectacular!


- Michelle A

I would recommend Amber Torres Photography without hesitation!!


Amber is so awesome!! I've had the incredible opportunity to see Amber in action many times, both as a model shooting with her and in seeing her shoot with others.

Both my daughter and I absolutely love the pictures we've gotten from her.

She has an amazing eye for detail, helps with posing so you look great,


She takes her time and is super patient. She is friendly, funny and puts you at ease. And she keeps her prices low intentionally so that people like you and me can afford her.   


 - Teresa H. 

Amber Torres is the most amazing photographer ever! 

She has an amazing eye.

She can find beauty

in the most unlikely of places. 

Let me tell you,

she changed the whole way

I look at myself.

And she is so patient and has such a gorgeous and genuine soul. 


Highly recommend 100%

-Annette B

I've had my picture taken by

Amber many times.

She photographed both of my daughters' weddings,

and I've worked with her professionally doing modeling shoots.

She's wonderful to work with!

What you'll get is really gorgeous pictures that don't look stiff or too posed - just a really beautiful interpretation of the real you.


She'll make you laugh and get the best shots. Amber will always do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable, and that's when the best photos take place. 

I would definitely recommend Amber Torres Photography for any personal photos you need or an event you might want captured. You'll absolutely love your pictures!

 -DiDi W.

Amber is amazing to work with and makes the experience really fun!


I've had her take individual and family photos for me and she has a real knack for helping people who are shy in front of the camera feel comfortable.


Not only are her photos incredible but I also have such fond memories of each experience with her!

 - Emily J.

Amber did absolutely amazing!

Our kids pushed a little

as it was their first time and most of them don't like to smile all the time.

But she went along with it

and got them to smile.

I feel like I got to know her very well in just a short amount of time together.

Thank you, Amber!


- Amanda H.

It was so much fun to work with you!

You made me super comfortable and gave such easy directions. And the results are amazing!


- Mykal M.

Amber is amazing and I highly recommend her. 

I've worked with her

(as a model) for the past year and I've never been disappointed with the amount of pictures of quality.

She knew all the right angles, poses or lighting to make me feel

stunning and beautiful.

Each picture she took,

she captured a different emotion

and was very thoughtful about the final picture and scenery.


- Kristina D.

I highly recommend

Amber Torres Photography.

I have worked with Amber Torres the past 5 years in different capacities with her professional photography skills ranging from event photography, fashion show and runway photography to my son's senior portraits.


The portraits that Amber has captured over the years have been amazing and featured nationally on social media.

Amber has the skill of making individuals feel comfortable while taking their picture. 

This is a skill that can't be taught.


Amber is a natural at posing individuals and groups of people to absolutely capture their best.


- Becky J.

Amber is an amazing photographer!

Over the past couple of years I have

had the privilege to work with Amber many times.

As a model, I have worked with several other photographers but none have made me feel as beautiful as she has!

Even when I'm having a bad day she has been able to make me feel like I am perfect!

Thank you Amber for all that you have done for me, I look forward to working with you again!

- Hailey H.  -age 13

Amber is a great photographer

that really knows how to capture everyone's personality and makes 

people feel comfortable

(and can also corral unwilling groomsmen)

I highly recommend her!

- Kendall M.

My Husband and I

had a photoshoot with Amber.

She made us feel very comfortable

and made it a fun experience!

I would highly recommend Amber

- Mary K.

Amber is a great photographer.

She knows how to connect with people and make them comfortable and show their personalities. She has a great eye for detail. She really cares about her work and makes sure that you're satisfied. I highly recommend Amber for your photography needs.

Crystal B.

Amber has a great eye

for color and shadows

that makes every shot look great. 

She photographed me and my son

in a shoot together and made us laugh and enjoy the moments

- Brian S.

Recently, I had the privilege of having some photos taken of me by the lovely Amber Torres.

The amount of confidence these inspire in me is unapparelled.

Being able to look at the results

and see my true self

really means the world to me

and is such an amazing feeling that I am beyond grateful for.

Thank you for making me feel welcome and capturing ME.

- Jamie M.